October 5, 2019 · reasonml react installation reason-react-native

Reason React Native Install Notes

A few months ago, I got React Native working with ClojureScript. It wasn't too difficult. The hardest part seems to be navigation. I got react-navigation and react-native-navigation working through JS interop. With my background as an OCaml coder, I am especially interested in getting Reason React Native (RNN) to work. Of upmost importance is interoperating with at least one of the three current navigation options (react-navigation, react-native-navigation, native-navigation).

This first post focuses on basic installation and compilation on Android, pulling in information and tips from several sources. It is mainly based on the installation guide at Reason React Native's site, with the following notes and reminders.

Currently, I am using the following versions:

"dependencies": {
    "react": "^16.8.0",
    "react-native": "^0.60.0",
    "reason-react": "^0.7.0",
    "reason-react-native": "^0.60.0"

Env vars and :

Install react-native command line and install app template:

My three windows are:

Look at package.json for the list of yarn-fronted commands. TODO: Explore ways to spec devices at command line.

You can get a copy of repo setup as above at GitHub.

Things That Can Go Wrong

If you get an warning about watchman, follow the advice in the warning message: watchman watch-del /home/.../PROJECT ; watchman watch-project /home/.../PROJECTIf you get the name of the template doubled, the fix is in the RRN installation instructions.

npm -g uninstall react-native
npm -g uninstall react-native-cli
yarn global remove react-native
yarn global remove react-native-cli


Part 2: Hacking Android bits to build and use React Navigation.

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