Lighthouse LEDs

V1.0 - Feb 2023, V2.0 May 2023

Large-scale implementation using 2000+ individual SK6812 LEDS + ESP32 Ethernet Dev Kit. Uses FastLED, I2SClocklessLEDDriver. Can be controlled externally via ethernet.

Specs & Parameters

  • LEDs used: SK6812 (coating: 67)
  • Density: 30/meter
  • total strips: 10+
  • cut-and-solder: NO, used factory connectors (ends free)
  • mounting: in lighthouse, under siding
  • power: 4X 5v20A
  • data: all 8 lines used (1 for the simple strip in the top)
  • brain: ESP32 ethernet dev kit
  • versions: 2
    • build version 1 (2/23)
    • software updates (5/23)


Electronics: Initial design worked well and accomplished the main goal, to avoid voltage drop and flickering. Difficulty getting lights to the top with 1 brain.

General: Original hardware + software running continuously since 2/2023 (gets turned on/off but no updates or config or repairs.

Programming: Everything worked well, using ESP32 ethernet dev kit as brain. Nate did a great job cleaning up the power distribution circuitry at the last minute. Was able to control with audio in initial tests even though that was disconnected.

Aesthetic: Collaborators John, Ross, Dena, and Ingeneers did a tremendous amount of work on designing and building and other aspects.