January 14, 2015 · Puredata iOS sound art freelance work

iOS Apps for Soundwalks

From 2012-14, I coded three iOS applications for three sound art pieces by University at Buffalo composer Teri Rueb. The apps all use Pure data under the hood. From my perspective, each application presented unique technical challenges, as each was quite different. Each app uses the location of the listener, a list of locations for sounds to trigger, and a Pd patch that actually loads, plays, and mixes the sounds in real time for the listener.

Testing the applications was quite difficult at times, as there are so many variables at play in the real world. There is also the need for the composer/creator, Teri, to be able to constantly update the source sounds and change the mapping of locations.

2012 - No Places with Names - Santa Fe, NM

2013 - Grimpant - Montpellier, France

2014 - Other Order - Bussey Brook Meadow at the Arnold Arboretum, Boston, MA

All three pieces are Copyright Teri Rueb. Other Order and No Places with Names are still available via the Apple app store.

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