DIY-style Sound Diffusion

V1.0/Proof of Concept

Ingenuity Festival 2023 - Cleveland, OH - 9/22-24/23

Answered the question, "What's the easiest/fastest/cheapest way to make a piece with 8 channels?"

[Soon: Answer the question, "how many speakers can this thing support?"]

Material: 8 "junk-picked" speakers or small speaker components from Sparkfun, 8 LM386 mono amplifiers from EBay, 4 12V power supplies, 8 hand-made RCA-terminated mono audio cables,  1 first-generation EVI Gigaport (8 RCA outs), Mac mini computer running Ableton Live, speaker wire/wire, zipties and picture wire.


  • Speaker array sufficient for spatialized, immersive environmental sound.
  • Electroacoustic piece diffused throughout festival made from field recordings of birds and insects in CLE and WNY.
  • Killed the audio outs on my old mac laptop + the Zoom recorder that unexpectedly died way before its time.