October 2, 2011 · corpus-based-processing supercollider music

CBPSC Updated: 0.5

Added some small bug fixes.

Major new features/classes:

MetaCorpusDB: a class for storing a corpus consisting of soundfiles, DERIVATIVE SOUND FILES, and all associated metadata

CorpusSoundFileTree: a "helper" class for structuring the above.

Also, there are some new GUI classes with "Meta" versions. These will be merged with the non-Meta versions at some future revision... These classes are somewhat new and therefore rather raw. Have a look and ask questions.

You can get it at https://github.com/kitefishlabs/cbpsc/zipball/0.5. It should work with the latest Mac version of SuperCollider (3.4.4). Non-GUI classes are cross-platform, but GUI classes are Mac-only.

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