Introducing SoundScapeTK


is a set of frameworks, specs, and example code for developing soundscape compositions for mobile devices. It exists as a collection of functional iOS code and a soon-to-be-fully-functional Android code. A server backend based on Django is also being built.


The main current goals are to develop the simplest versions of all three components that adhere to the specs developed, to complete development of the specs themselves, and to finish building example apps.


All code is released using the GPL license, with the notable exception of the iOS client, which uses BSD due to Apple app store licensing limitations. Critically, all the specs are also released under a GPL license. It is understood that all components adhere to these specs; otherwise these components are not part of SoundScapeTK.

Sound Interesting?

Get involved by either going to or or by sending an email to SoundScapeTK, as a venture, will follow the C4.1 protocol as closely as possible, the sole exception being the licensing of the iOS client.